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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 14, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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trains as they worked to clear trackways all tracks open again now. bart says sked yulz are returning to normal. >> president obama today announced $160 million to help california farmers struggling with the worst drought in state history the president met with farmers to see the impact of the drought firsthand. and he spoke at a farm that will go unplanted this year. >> california is area biggest economy, our biggest agricultural producer, what happens here matters to every working american. down to the cost of food the governor declared a state of emergency directing state officials to prepare for officials and our administration launched a coordinated response.
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>> in addition the department of the interior will give contractors flexibility to get water to farms and caution on facilities. >> how far do initiatives go? abc7 news is in sonoma county. local farmers there are hurting. >> they have a lot to worry about, still. if you think just because we had rain the drought has been alleviated you're wrong. you're not a cattle rancher. you're looking at what should be a large field of tall and growing hay. but in winter 2014 that would be wishful
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thinking. >> nobody knew how bad it's going to get >> now, we're finding out he's a hay farmer with nothing left to sell. this barn is on the brink of emptiness >> contents speak to the shortage. of the year would be half full. now, >> i can't give what i don't have. >> two rock region of sonoma county. >> i have a load of hay come out of texas the other day. >> the load costs $11,000 he only had to go to oregon to get i the consumer doesn't
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realize this is unless we get help from someone. >> it may put me out of business >> two more links in the chain of pain. what is next? >> not over until it's over. >> you're an optimist? >> you have to be an optimist. >> maybe you pray for a brought to end with a deluge. >> napa valley cannot draw water from the sierra. and in communities along napa river water restrictions are being put into place now. new restricks will go into affect soon. how are they taking that? >> asking people to voluntarily
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conserve wasn't working so anyone caught violating rules will have to pay up. in calistoga, days of the week will take on new meaning. starting march 1st, homeowners with odd numbers addresses will only ab will youed to water lawns tuesday and thursday. some wonder if lawns are are going to survive. >> i don't water very much any way. most of my yard is surviving on rainfall. we haven't had very much, what we had brought up my daffodils. >> hosing down sidewalks, driveways will be prohibited. this is considered stage two water emergency, deputy city clerk says it would be worse she
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remembers the 70s. you brought a bucket in with you and we'd water or plants with that. >> calistoga relies from water from the kimbell reservoir, officials say mandatory restrictions will last indefinitely. they face the same restrictions and workers have been told to scrape dishes and provide water only when requested. >> i don't feel that that is a problem, i'd rather be asked. sh sometimes i don't drink the water, i'd rather save calistoga, abc7 news >> at and t announced plans to reduce the company's water usage in california by 30% the company says it will stop
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washing vehicles turn off fountains and use brooms ininstead of hoses for cleaning up. >> new information on a drug arrest of a san jose firefighter. and he's charged with selling methamphetamine and having sex with children. abc7 news reporter david louie spoke with long time domestic partner. he says he noticed a change back then from warm ask caring to irritable and other friends say they didn't see any changes in him. >> looking 12 to 15 years into
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your background, looking for anything that may lead to us thinking this may occur. >> he spent six months as community outreach officer. >> the driver accused of killing a man was arraigned on felony hit and run vehicular manslaughter charges this afternoon accused of hitting a 35-year-old san francisco resident at 1:00 a.m wednesday. he is seen in this video crossing van ness mid block near pacific street. he's later, moments later hit by a car. police say hussein was driving and hurled into the air. lambert died at the scene. officers say hussein tried walking away but witnesses stopped him. >> a benicia first grade teacher accused of serving colleagues
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food laced with marijuana is charged with a misdemeanor count of furnishing marijuana and one count of poisoning. police say she served the tainted dish in november at the home of another teacher. two women had to be taken to the hospital. badger has been placed on leave. >> let's put our crime and breaking news coverage on hold just a moment and have fun. it's valentine's day. happening now at justin herman plaza, it's annual valentine's day pillow fight. we are right in the middle of it. leanne? >> >> reporter: what else can i say? i'm getting hit by pillows. this is a wonderful event. clock tower hit 6:00, ouch, thank you very much. people have been what can i say, loving -- i knew that is going to happen. since 6:00 people have been loving each other, very to say that. spain
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has pillow -- war zone he here -- but we have in san francisco hitting, whacking people with pillows. incredible event. also department of public works is going to have a lot of work here because after all is said and done this, lasts another 20 minutes or so, they will come here and start cleaning all of this mess up. they're going to pour water on here, you can see there are fatherers all over the ground here. so again they're going to, after that they're going to be cleaning up here z you know i mean i have to say where else do you get away with people hitting you with pillows and again, you know, getting away with it here in san francisco, only in san francisco. i'm live at justin
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herman plaza, happy valentine's day. >> you, too. i have spoken to the pose. you're eligible for combat pay so thanks. good looks like fun >> still head we're going to follow up on a shooting of a burglar by a private security guard. a former bay area congressman come mroets an overseas mission on the battlefield of north korea. >> on the >> you received a diamond ring for valentine's day how do you know if it's
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you're looking at a live picture of the big pillow fight happening now. still underway. >> this has become a valentine's day tradition and we're streaming livido of the pillow fight on abc7 check that out. >> there has been a surprising development in yesterday's shooting in oakland. the private guard who shot a man he believed was a burglar was armed when it
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should not have been. >> we have lived in our house since 1978. >> dede miller has seen her neighborhood change. yesterday is a shooting that crime has become a new reality. for her, it's creeping closer to home. >> i never thought about security systems or whatever. it's been passed by mind >> now she says she has to. abc7 news is learned the contract and company required an unarmed guard many many learned their guard was carrying a gun. >> i'm surprised they're armed many communities do make it clear that they don't want patrols to be armed >> there has been an uptick in
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hiring of private security. >> this has to be done with consideration. investigators say he shot a suspect believed to have robbed a home. >> i think he did the right thing. >> the guard pat trailering the neighborhood when he spotted a burglary in progress on harding drive and chased a man before shooting him in the leg on waterhouse road. some believe that is what he should be doing. >> if other people are running from guns and it's a right to have them, where shouldn't we be protected as well? >> police say that the shooting and questions on the guard authority to conceal or openly carry a weapon are still under
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investigation. i would like to see a discussion on that. >> former bay area congressman pete mcklasky returned from a bold trip overseas he spent the week in north korea trying to aimprove relations between country buzz to fulfill a goal since the trip. >> he went to north korea is and the mission described as a nongovernment sponsored trade mission. but for the 86-year-old it was more personal than that. it was a bold move by the veteran. to return to north korea a state of war still exists and meet with a general who was present at two of the
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same battles. >> life changing satisfaction was saluted by him. >> he earned a navy cross, silver star and two purple hearts he took a certain risk returning to north korea based on six week detention of another local veteran. he wanted to avoid media coverage until pete got out safely. >> i didn't much give a damn. i you know they let the fellow from colorado out he, to them he was a war criminal. they hadn't read any of the things written about me. they knew i was a veteran. i didn't tell them. >> he hoped to secure the
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release of co rein american kenneth bey, held since 2012. that didn't work out, he's proud of the week long effort to build a trusting relationship with the people he was shooting at the first time he was there. >> if they're pose perrus and peaceful and not hungry maybe they won't want to make war. >> one goal to erect a veteran's memorial. san carl yots airport, abc7 news >> thank you. >> let's go up to a roof top now. >> question. perfect night. >> i have been scattering father hers all evening. it's a pleasant evening here on the roof of
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the bay area. looking at western sky behind sutro tower a beautiful view of the western sky there. it's 57 degrees now in san francisco. 59 in oakland low 60s in redwood city. 55 degrees in half moon bay. how about this view of the sky? 60s in san francisco. 60 in vacaville and 59 in livermore, one more live view, dramatic view of the western sky. arrives and we'll see mostly sunny skies on sunday and monday which, by the way is president's day. you can see a trail of clouds and moisture moving north at the moment we have assorted high clouds
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today. and this front is trailing behind that first wave of clouds bringing us rain late tomorrow. much of the bay area will be cloudy by 6:00 in the evening we'll see the first rainfall pushing threw the north bay. then through san francisco, then, late tomorrow night after midnight south bay and monterey bay getting wet. and starting to dry out. a tenth to three tenths. here is the three day forecast. snow arrives sunday. maybe 3 to 6 inches and then, sunny mild again monday.
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low to mid-60s near the bay and inland. cooler in the north bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. after a bout of rainfall we'll have clearing on sunday and monday. and weather is ahead. we'll need more rain. maybe we'll get more than we're forecasting tomorrow night. >> yes. we can hope for that. >> yes >> coming up next hundreds gathering on behalf of a billion the campaign to end violence against women. >> and the great san francisco pillow fight we thought it's slowing down but looks like people have pulled out new pillows and are still going at it. right now we're streaming it lf
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>> in richmond some safeguard bathtub workers fight to get paid. >> d.a.has frozen the
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angry employees lined up to be told there are no checks to hand out the company says it has no money because assets are frozen. the company sells bathtubs touted for easy access and usually promoted by actors and other celebrities. >> thousands of people joined together in the bay area today calling for an end to domestic violence against women and girls the events part of a campaign called 1 billion rising. other officials took part as well. >> we've got to send the message to end violence, not only against women and children, girls, violence on every level is unacceptable.
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>> it takes place on valentine's day to bring attention to suffering of women in abusive relationships. >> first up arrest of a man who claimed he killed osama bin laden. >> and 100 car pile up on an icy freeway. one impacts of the massive storm back east. hmm, minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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of the besis that millions of ra is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. enroll today at one year ago abc7 news i team exposed a former lake tahoe bartender who scammed people pretending to be a navy s.e.a.l. >> marshal as rested a 57-year-old aj dicken in the town of garfield on a weapons charge. >> among all of the phony
6:30 pm
s.e.a.l.s i've investigated he tops the list. he got most money out of people using those stories and right now, he's in an arkansas county marshals arrested him on the charge of possession a firearm by a felon. he has convicks for burglary and child concealing. >> mr. dickens getting ready to take the children to school. everything went smoothly. >> it's valentine's day. doesn't get better than that. >> retired navy s.e.a.l. don shipley was thrilled by the arrest. he used this s.e.a.l. data base exposing fakes he told me hib is also working the case. >> fbi sat at this desk over two hours with me, going over it
6:31 pm
they're very thorough. they're going to cross p's and build that case. >> the lead detective told me the reports played a role in the investigation. we showed him firing weapons on videos of training classes he held in carson city, convincing these doctors to invest in a security firm he launched to get contracts from the united states. >> how much money did you give aj dickens? >> $375,000 >> how about you? >> about the same amount. almost 400,000s sndz >> yes. >> and a documentary producer paid dicken $50,000 for his life story based on claims he's the most-decorated navy s.e.a.l. in history who made a high profile kill. >> he was the one that shot osama bin laden. >> you bought that? >> no. >> you knew it was a charade at
6:32 pm
this point. >> can i talk to you about your navy s.e.a.l. background. >> you told people that didn't you? >> nochlt dinot. >> pressure mounted, he hit the road and we were able to track him down last year in southern california. >> do you have a line of people that are claiming you scammed them out of a lot of money? >> no. >> investigators tell me that is part of the case. dickens wife has an arrest warrant for contempt of court failing to provide proof her dog had been fixed. >> good work. thank you. >> 24 people are dead from that massive winter storm burying cities under several feet of snow. mouth deaths the report of storm-related traffic accidents this, pile up along an icy pennsylvania highway left two dozen people this morning and left behind 100 mangled vehicles homeowners and business owners
6:33 pm
are also feeling head aches caused by snow causing roof tops to cave in. more than a dozen occupants, displaced the storm made for another frustrating day for air travellers some told they may not get home until sunday a thousand flights scrubbed today only a hand full of cancellations at sfo. >> lieutenant governor is no longer supporting california high speed rail project. during a radio interview he says the money should go to more pressing infrastructure needs in the state. newsom now the most-prominent democrat to speak out against the project. this has a judge ordered a plan to how. >> a san francisco icon has been clean cleaned up the unveiling of the doggy diner head on slope boulevard today
6:34 pm
the seven foot head had mildew and a gunshot hole through the hat. donors pitched in $51,000 to clean it up. it went up in 1966. so nice to have it back up there >> it looks fabulous. >> it does. >> coming up next ultimate app for valentine's day. >> yes. it's a way to stay in touch with that s
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shop at ♪ americans expected to spend $17.3 billion on valentine's day today. south of market had a stud still aheady flow of customers picking up blooms. national retail federation says americans will spend on $1.9 billion on flowers alone. 59% on roses. >> a lot of roses. >> yes. >> this is the day for romance, that means diamonds how do you know if that stone is real? >> you can expect that michael
6:38 pm
finney would know. >> you're a skeptic. aren't you, michael? >> with this big investment, it never hurts to verify. i'm at semioff jewellers talking with jewel year randy lee. 30 years in the business he can spot a fake diamond or confirm when is real. here, he's using a loupe to confirm this is a diamond but there is another test. >> this beam is a diamond test. and detects mossiainite as well. >> it looks so real, it can be
6:39 pm
hard to detect as a fake. >> so green, it's a diamond. yes. yellow mossainite. siem you'll yated diamond if red. >> let's test it again. there it goes. diamond. so now, i know how to use the pen i head out of the store asking those walking past if they want me to check their diamonds have they been faked out by a dishonest jeweller? or dishonest lover? >> if it goes to green it's a real diamond. >> okay. okay. >> let's see if your dad is in trouble. so is that question. >> it's real. >> thank you >> it does work.
6:40 pm
>> thank you. i can trust my husband >> do you want me to test it? >> sure. >> it's fake. >> this is uncomfortable we back in and have randy check out the ring. >> you test, take a look there? >> takes randy 12 seconds but it is a long 12 seconds. it is a diamond? >> he puts a pin to work. it lights up, green.
6:41 pm
>> okay. >> is that scary? >> it's from an aunt. not from a guy or anything. but still, i've been telling everyone it was antique. >> okay. >> it's legit. okay. >> that is a scare >> if you want to test go to semioff. many have them. just x >> should i check yours? >> i think perhaps you should. >> i don't know how you can break up relationships. >> talking about being a barrier of bad news. >> you might be wondering will you get wet this weekend? >> spencer is next with the accu-weather forecast. back in a moment.
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>> you may have hundreds of facebook friends or thousands of twitter followers but there is a new social network just for you and one other person. that is special someone. more on the app
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called couple. >> a small town in canada. wooterloo >> meet oleg and anton two. guys in long distance relationships >> we find ourselves caught up with work and disconnected from partners back home. >> so think of it as a secret network >> you can blur those special photos. >> you can see it secret. and there is this >> you can see where your partner is touching the screen. touch through phones. >> it earned a mention by mark zuckerberg's sister katie. >> lindsay lohan tweeted about it. couple has been getting attention from investors to pick up and move from canada to this new office here in san francisco.
6:46 pm
>> we raised about $4.2 million. we have fantastic investors. >> couple doesn't make money >> companies end up with creative ways to get revenue. >> i never want anyone to see stuff i send back and forth with my husband. >> this could cause some people to gag >> we have a pin on the app to lock it in case someone gets your phone >> piece of mind so you can focus on happily ever after >> app kept us together she ended up moving here a couple months ago. >> funny. >> yes.
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>> spencer christian is on the roof. mainly clear skies and clouds around. we do have light rain coming our way tomorrow. rain developing to the north moving towards clover dale. here is your event planner. rain developing between 5:15 and 8:00. here in san francisco. rain likely then sunny, sunday and monday. lovely weather and we're hoping for more rain. >> thank you. >> on to sports. college basketball >> yes. larry beil is here now with that. >> this is an interesting story.
6:48 pm
probably the best basketball player if the bay area. sports is coming up next.
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good evening, nfl released it's report on the miami dolphins scandal. investigator ted wells released a 144-page report indicating he and two other dolphins taunted and ridiculed martin almost daily. and they do the same thing to another lineman as well as
6:52 pm
trainer. jim fergosi passed away, he twoent sarah high before embarking as a 50 years as a player and manager. he won more than a thousand games with four different teams. the nba has taken over new orleans for all star weekend the warriors to be represented in sunday's big game by stef curry. he became the first since la trel speewell did it in 1999. now, he's considered to be one of the top shooters in the game. >> i got to tell you curry is the best shooter i've seen. i
6:53 pm
believe that. in terms of being able to get his shot off fast, best i've ever seen. >> the old saying is the best thing about freshman is that in a year they'll be sophomores. more on a young man with a plan. the men's basketball coach will attest it's hard to see the forest through the trees >> recruit sag master of the obvious tochlt get were you need to be you have to master not so obvious. >> just a fade
6:54 pm
>> most are from the mid west. and this is only school from the west coast. and >> others is maturity and fore sight coming to santa clara wasn't just about basketball. >> it was in the skaly. a great opportunity. all of the headquarters for bisz are here. hopefully throughout four years i'll meet people and being able to network sxb able to have a job when i'm older. >> you get the feeling brownridge is wise beyond his years. the fifth leading scorer in almost 17 points per game, he developed into go to
6:55 pm
>> you know, what i hope it would be, hope is it's not the last time this happens. just locking for more of that in years still to come. >> got to be many schools going how did we let brownridge get way? he was here. abc7 sports. dan, >> that is bay area bathtub business being investigated by the state. angry workers demanding answers and money, getting neither. why one manager says he's had enough. >> finally tonight thoughts about really matters on this day devoted to love, it's heart and courage two. qualities being demonstrated by michael sam. he
6:56 pm
just announced he's gay. the up yumming nfl draft he could become the first openly gay player in the history of the league. it's hard to believe that has yet to happen. but not very long ago men of color were not working as nfl quarterbacks and head coaches, either. for jackie robinson breaking the color barrier was lonely, often painful, ex-peer yevenlts that is a tough guy world. many hopes most will welcome him, some will not. he will get disapproving stares, here crude jokes and find out about the dinner he wasn't invited to the night before but what matters is that like jackie robinson did he will do for gay men in football and all sports. love to hear your thoughts. call me on twitter and
6:57 pm
facebook. that is our report. i'm dan ashley. >> are our breaking news continues now on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. here are today's contestants -- a senior at ball state university, from fishers, indiana... a sophomore from middlebury college, from simsbury, connecticut... and a senior from the ohio state university, from columbus, ohio... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and happy valentine's day. which of these players will be celebrating at the end of the program? will it be alex, erika, or maria? s start finding out. good luck. here we go -- jeopardy! round. we start off with...
7:00 pm
how appropriate. uh-oh. ...g.r. coming up in each correct response. all right, maria. start us. can i get abbreviations for $200, please? trebek: maria. what is whatever? you got it. abbreviations for $400. [ beep ] "what is the bathroom?" maria. i'll take abbreviations for $600. maria. what is way to go? yes. i'll take abbreviations for $800. erika. what is in real life? real life. you got it. abbreviations for $1,000. maria.


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